Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Legends History II

Legends History :

Basing on ancient inscriptions, traditional accounts and historical evidences, the Rajus of Andhra are descendents of the following ancient clans:

Vishnukundina:  A folktale claims Madhav Varma of the Vishnukundina dynasty led the original members of their gotras to Andhra.

Chalukyas:  Chandravanshi Rajus are said to be descendents of Eastern Chalukyas.

Parichedis:  The forefathers of the Pusapatis.

Kota Vamsa:  Dharanikota Kings of Dhananjaya gotra.

Chagi:  Forefathers of the Sagis and Vatsavais

Chedi (Haiheya-Kalachuri-Kona Chodas):  Chodarajus

Gajapati and Eastern Ganga:  Kurupam and Salur zamindars claim descent from them.

Matsya of Oddadi (Orissa), which is linked to ancient Matsya Kingdom:  The zamindars of Madgole claim descent from them.

Rajus are classified into two sects (as per ancient Kshatriya tradition based on Vansh):

Suryavanshi (Sun Dynasty) include Vishnukundina, Paricheda, Kota Vamsa, Chola-Chalukyas (Cholas claimed Suryavanshi and Chalukyas were Chandravanshi, the two families merged) Eastern Ganga and Gajapati.

Chandravanshi (Lunar Dynasty) includes Eastern Chalukyas, , Kalachuris (Chedi-Haihaya), Saluva and Aravidu dyanasties of Vijayanagar.

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